July 16, 2016

20 Favorites {for the kiddos} Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I mentioned several days ago that I would post my favorites from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale for the kiddos. I scooped up a few things right away that I knew would be great for back-to-school.  Lots of brands like Under Armour, The North Face, Nike & Zella are marked down to some much more wallet friendly prices so it's a really great time to stock up.  I always buy my kids a new pair of running shoes and essentials like jackets or a pair of North Face gloves.  Living in the midwest it's key to have a lot of warm weather options so I can appreciate a sale that allows me to get the brands & styles they all want at great prices.


July 15, 2016

A Few Road Trip Essentials

Some of you may have seen over on snapchat {@mandyandsuch} my family and I have taken a few road trips this summer.  Over the years we have logged plenty of hours in the car with the kids traveling to visit our family and friends so we have a pretty good list of essentials that we like to take along for the ride.  If you've ever traveled with young children then you know it's super important to be as prepared as possible.  Healthy snacks & full water bottles, hand sanitizer, movies, car games, pillows & blankets as well as some very necessary toiletries top our list of must-haves.

As we were packing for our most recent trip, I was gifted a Cottonelle Clean Care box from Target to try out and knew it would be just perfect for the loooong car ride.  This little box contains over $25 worth of products and sells for just 5 bucks on target.com!  It's packed with some really great, high quality products that can be used on the whole family.  This is a limited edition item so grab one or even a couple before they sell out!

The Cottonelle Care Box contains 1 roll of Cottonelle brand toilet paper, 1 Skinfix lip repair balm, 10 flushable Cottonelle wipes, 10 Kleenex brand tissue, 1 Kleenex brand facial cleansing wipe, 1 Skinfix ultra rich hand cream and 1 loofah bath sponge as well as great little book of coupons.

We were so grateful to have these products on hand in the car and on our vacation.  Everyone got a little too much sun by the second day so the lip balm and hand cream were being used like crazy on our dry and flaky skin.  My youngest babe still uses a small potty chair on long car rides so we had the Cottonelle flushable wipes as well as the roll of Cottonelle toilet paper right next to her chair.  It was so easy to just pull over and get her all cleaned up and I loved how gentle the products were on her super sensitive skin.

I'll be replenishing my Cottonelle Care Box again soon so that we can keep one in the car at all times.  I love having things like this on hand for the long road trips or just the inevitable OMG moments. . .

Pictured above is this travel bag that I can NOT live without along with my favorite panama hat, denim and gladiators.  


July 14, 2016

20 Favorites from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

The #NSale is here!  I know you've probably seen a ton of advertising for this but it truly is one of the best sales of the entire year so it's definitely worthy of all the attention.

I caved this year and signed up for a Nordstrom debit card.  I've missed out on some really good things in years past {trust me. . . some things sell out crazy fast!}.  So I researched the debit card and decided it was the best option for me.  It's synched to my bank account so the funds come out immediately - that way I'm not racking up debt or paying interest.  Plus, by signing up this year I was able to access the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale earlier than the public {today, actually!} and for spending $100 on the card, I receive a $20 Nordstrom Note.  Pretty happy about that since Nordstrom is one of my all time favorite retailers and I shop here a ton throughout the year.

So I decided to round up my 20 favorites from the #NSale and share them with you guys today.  My must-haves are this bathrobe, these over-the-knee boots, these leggings and this super affordable top. I'm also planning to stock up on some things for back-to-school {yikes, it hurts to even say that already!}  My son is getting this sweatshirt and these Nikes.  I'll probably share a few more favorites for the kids next week.  The sale starts today for cardmembers, but don't worry if you don't have a Nordstrom card yet, you can access the sale July 22.  It runs through August 8th and then prices go back up!

The prices shown above are the full retail price.  If you click on an item, you will be redirected to the Nordstrom website where you can view the special anniversary sale price!

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