August 8, 2016

Street of Dreams Home Tour

I just uploaded a ton of photos I shot for the Omaha Street of Dreams over on my photography blog.

Check out the full feature here and be sure to show my friend Nancy some love for all the gorgeous design work she did over at Pearson & Company


July 31, 2016

A Feminine & Vintage Loft Baby Shower

I mentioned that last weekend my mom and I hosted a really lovely baby shower for my sister-in-law Kami.  She is such a special addition to our family so I knew I wanted to host this for her the second she told me they were expecting.

The decor in this space we chose was exactly what I was looking for.  Exposed brick walls, floor to ceiling windows overlooking main street, tons of vintage and femine furniture and worn in wood floors.  It was so reminiscent of Kami's wedding last summer that I just knew we had to celebrate here.  For the food we settled on a brunch style menu.  A croissant bar with a few add-your-own toppings, salads, mimosas and cheesecake {Costco for the win!!}.  

And probably my favorite thing from the day were the chalkboard messages we had the guests write to the baby and family.  I grabbed a premade chalkboard at Hobby Lobby and just hot glued a few flowers & leaves to the corners to dress it up a bit.  We set out a couple of chalkboard markers and let the guests write away.  I purchased this camera to snap polaroids of the chalkboard messages but it was total garbage so don't waste your money.  Fortunately I took a few on my DSLR so we have some fun keepsake messages to add to her baby book.

Hope you enjoy a little peek at this feminine, vintage style baby shower. . .


July 25, 2016


Today, I've teamed up with Wente Vineyards to share a personal journey with you all and would love to hear some of yours in the comments below. . .

The following content is for readers 21 years & older. . .

When my husband and I moved our young family from Minnesota to Nebraska 5 years ago, I never could have imagined all the changes we would go through together.  We've moved to two different homes, welcomed a third baby, traveled to Europe, changed careers, and on and on I could go.  Many wonderful, amazing blessings and about a mile-long list of challenges & obstacles.  In some ways it feels like a lifetime ago and other memories are so vivid it's as if they just happened the other day.

The thing that has surprised me most from making such a big move is the effect it has had on my relationships with my dad, mom, and younger brother. The distance between all of us has only gotten bigger, and yet we seem to somehow be growing closer.  Particularly the relationship I have with my mom.  We have been on such an incredible journey together this past year and grown closer than ever before.  More frequent phone calls, texting our favorite Sex and the City quotes back & forth, visiting her more often and just spending quality time together.  We have laughed and we have laughed hard, so hard it hurts.  And that is some of the best pain I have felt in my life.  To laugh with my mom again after years of what seemed like silence.  It has been a journey and one that I am so grateful to be on with her.

This past weekend my mom and I hosted a baby shower for my sister-in-law in Wisconsin.  We planned a really lovely, low-key afternoon for Kami & her closest family and friends in this gorgeous loft space overlooking downtown Hudson.  Exposed brick walls and vintage furniture - it was like a space right off the pages of an Anthropologie catalog.  I'll be sharing more photos later in the week!

My mom and I were completely exhausted by the end though.  We rushed through clean up after all the guests had left and managed to sneak in a little wine chat before leaving.  I'm a red wine lover so I was excited to try this Southern Hills Cabernet by Wente Vineyards.  I usually go for the red blends because some cabs can be too heavy for me but this one was perfect.  I'd highly recommend it for anyone looking to try something new. . .

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