September 28, 2016

Loving Lately :: Pajama Tops

After a little uncertainty about this whole pajama top trend I keep seeing everywhere, I may have just found one that could convince even the most skeptic of critics.  I passed through Anthropologie last weekend with some time to kill and almost made my way out the door when I spotted this beauty.  Quite possibly the prettiest top I have ever laid eyes upon and knew immediately that I was on board.  I can't wait to pair it with some high waisted denim or moto leggings for my next night out or special occasion!

Here it is along with a few more pajama tops I'm loving lately. . .


September 27, 2016

Simple Dinner Ideas For Busy Evenings

Ever since my children started back at school, we have been slowly settling into a really nice routine around here.  Summer is so carefree and spontaneous and while I definitely appreciate that for a few months out of the year, I'm always a bit eager to get back on a schedule.

One of the reasons for that is our schedule allows time for me to enjoy one of the things I've grown quite passionate about these past few years: cooking.  Feeding my family really good, quality food is something I take a lot of pride in and makes me feel good.  I tend to do more semi-homemade style meals because our time in the evening is at such a premium.  But as long as I mix in some real ingredients and whole foods, I feel really satisfied.  Cooking has become really special to me and something I know my kids will remember and cherish as they grow up.

When Wente Vineyards contacted me about partnering on another post, I knew I wanted to share my passion for cooking with you all and even more specifically: how I blend my passion for cooking and spending quality time with my family over a savory meal at the dinner table. . . even on our busiest days of the week.  As I mentioned above, our time on weekday evenings is precious so I have a few go-to recipes that always seem to satisfy my hungry bunch.  My husband is keen on the wine for dinner so he and I like to relax and enjoy a glass during our meal and sometimes a second while we do the dishes.  Cooking and wine just go hand-in-hand with togetherness and great conversation in my opinion.  It really encourages us to slow down and stay in the moment.  We went with the Wente Sauvignon Blanc this time and it was absolutely delicious.  It paired perfectly with our apple & gruyere salad and caprese pizzas.  Two super simple recipes that even my picky eaters gobble right up.  And the best part is that each takes about 15 minutes to prepare from start to finish.  You just can't beat that on a busy evening when everyone is overtired and just plain hangry. . .

You can find the recipes for these two simple & quick meals above {along with plenty of other favorites} on my Pinterest here.  The flatbread recipes are a weekly staple around our house. . . we like to stock up on Naan bread from Costco and just load them up with meats, veggies, herbs and/or cheeses for a tasty meal thats ready in mere minutes. 

And because I'm such a huge fan of Wente Vineyards and their amazing selection of quality wines {remember my love for their cabernet in this post?} I'd love to invite you all to check out their Facebook page and watch this cool video they put together pairing their passion for wine, music and songwriting.  You can also order your favorite Wente Vineyards wine online and receive FREE SHIPPING by using the code JRNYSHIP1.  I highly recommend the sauvignon blanc & cabernet as personal favorites of mine so be sure to check those out!


September 20, 2016

Monthly Beauty Favorites {August/September}

I'm really excited to start a new series here on my blog sharing my monthly beauty favorites.  I feel like I could go on and on about how much I love makeup & skincare and I'm constantly trying new products so it only seemed natural to share them here with you ladies.  If you read this post a few months back, you'll remember that my background is in cosmetics & esthiology.  And even though I'm no longer working in the medical spas or retail stores that I did for years before starting a family, my love for makeup and skincare has never ended.

So let's get started on my current favorites from August and September. . .

Summer always wreaks havoc on my fair skin so come fall I'm ready to try a more intense regimen to get my skin back on track.  I'm super dry year round with some mild sensitivity and large pores so I did some research and decided to give the Sunday Riley products a try.  I've been using the Luna Oil every evening after I wash my face.  I start by applying 3 small drops and gently press the moody blue oil into my skin.  After waiting the recommended five minutes {I will typically brush my teeth, apply a leave-in treatment to my hair or clean up the bathroom to pass the time} I then apply 2 pumps of the Sunday Riley Good Genes lactic acid treatment over the top.  It's been about 6 weeks since I started consistently using these two products every night and my skin looks and feels awesome.  I notice a much more even tone overall and my pores have definitely gotten smaller and less visible.  I'm really happy so far and would highly recommend using them together if you are looking for similar results.  I purchased this kit so you can save a little money while still getting almost full size bottles of each product.

As for makeup, Becca products have really taken over my beauty bag.  I swear by this backlight priming filter.  My dry skin looks extra plump and healthy after applying this primer all over after I moisturize .  Then I discovered this bb cushion and I'm never looking back.  It's a medium coverage foundation with SPF 50+ and has the most beautiful, natural finish.  It's an absolute must-have for me.  After applying my primer & bb cushion, I follow up with my Becca split pan in Champagne Pop/Flowerchild.  You guys know I'm crazy about their highlighters but when they came out with these split pans and paired them with beautiful shades of blush in this stunning gold packaging I was sold.  I love being able to have products that can travel with me so a blush/highlighter duo is perfect when space is at a premium.  Becca also recently launched these Aqua Luminous Perfecting Concealers.  The coverage is really good but even more important to me is the consistency.  It's perfect for dryer skin types like mine so if you tend to get dehydrated skin under your eyes than you will love this concealer.  And lastly, a few new favorites from Chanel.  I've been a big fan of their volumizing mascara for days that I want big, full and dramatic lashes but if you are looking for a really good daily mascara then try this one.  It's really smooth and dark but never clumps or falls under my eyes.  You can also layer it with any other mascara for a really bold look.  And this eyeshadow base is incredible.  I don't wear shadows very often but my natural eyelids are very pink and tend to get oily throughout the day.  The saleswoman at the Chanel counter highly recommended this for me and now I wear it almost every single day.  It just evens out the color of my lids and brightens my eyes while combatting the oil.  Plus, it stays put all day.  And if I do decide to wear a little eyeshadow, it's the best base I've ever used to keep the colors lasting for hours.

I hope you guys enjoyed my first monthly beauty favorites post and stay tuned for more to come. . .

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